Meet the HoneyBee Heroines

Wondering about the girls you see on the back of your kit and kit booklets? They have names and Big Dreams, just like you! Read on to learn a little more about them. Which one of them has talents & dreams just like you?



Meet Grace the Chef

Bio: Grace loves experimenting in the kitchen. It all started when she decided to make a "potion" out of three kinds of juice and discovered that it actually tasted good! Since then, Grace has made cookies, cake, salad, and soup. But the most fun has been going to the local farmers market with her family to pick out fun and interesting things to try out at home. She's not a big fan of doing the dishes--even though things can get pretty messy in the kitchen after one of Grace's projects!

Her Skills: intuition; taste; a spirit of experimentation; a good sense of aesthetics and presentation

Her Tools: knife, spoon, pan, baking sheet, [Advanced: food processor, piping bag, thermometer]

Her Motto: "Get your hands dirty, have fun and create something delicious!"

Her Favorite Subject: social studies/geography

Potential Careers: caterer, forager, professional taster, food writer, sommelier, hospitality specialist

Combines with: Scientist to become an agricultural consultant

Combines with: Entrepreneur to become a restaurateur

Combines with: Designer to become a food photographer 

Meet Valeria the Scientist

Bio: Ever since she was a little girl, Valeria has loved spending time outdoors, poking around her family's garden, picking flowers and looking for critters tucked in under the mulch. She is the kind of girl who asks "Why?" so often that it kind of drives her parents crazy. So Valeria got in the habit of figuring things out for herself, coming up with answers to her own "Why?" questions and then testing them out to see if they worked. She likes discovering new things and teaching her friends what she has learned--even if sometimes she sounds like a know-it-all.

Her Skills: curiosity; meticulous note-taking; a desire to understand how things work 

Her Tools: magnifying glass, notebook, [Advanced: microscope, telescope, multi-meter, CAD software]

Her Motto: "Asking 'Why?' can be the start of a fantastic adventure." 

Her Favorite Subject: science

Potential Careers: engineer, mathematician, biologist, chemist, physicist, physician

Combines with: Chef to become a food scientist

Combines with: Designer to become an design engineer (automotive, aerospace, etc.)

Combines with: Entrepreneur to become a technologist 

Meet Kayla the Designer

Bio: Kayla has always been a talented artist, but lately she has started to notice beautiful art everywhere she looks. Posters, book covers, birthday cards, even product labels--each of these things has been designed by a living, breathing person to solve very specific problems in the most beautiful way possible. Kayla could spend hours just "doodling" in her notebook, creating fancy letters and swirling patterns. She tends to see the world in black-and-white, even though she loves to draw with as many colors as possible!

Her Skills: imagination; eye for color, composition, balance, and form; attention to fine details; persistence for hours of deliberate practice

Her Tools: pencil, pen, paper, straight-edge, [Advanced: light box, scanner, design software]

Her Motto: "Develop your skills every day with practice, patience, and a critical eye."

Her Favorite Subject: art

Potential Careers: web designer, fashion designer, photographer, film maker, advertiser/marketer, motion designer, game designer

Combines with: Scientist to become an architect

Combines with: Chef to become a food stylist

Combines with: Entrepreneur to become a freelance designer 

Meet Maïa the Entrepreneur

Bio: Maïa is the kind of girl that likes to stay busy. As soon as she gets her homework done, she's working on some kind of project. When Maïa gave her best friend a bracelet she made, lots of her other friends told her how much they wished they could have one. She has started to wonder if she could make a little spending money by selling the bracelets after school. Maïa likes meeting new people and going on trips with her family to visit new places.

Her Skills: determination; organization; leadership; self-motivation; an interest in public service

Her Tools: whiteboard, contacts list, [Advanced: spreadsheet, business plan]

Her Motto: "Don't be afraid to try something, fail at it, and learn to do better next time!"

Her Favorite Subject: mathematics

Potential Careers: business consultant, investor, economist, professional speaker, non-profit administrator, importer/exporter

Combines with: Scientist to become an inventor

Combines with: Chef to become a gourmet food retailer

Combines with: Designer to become a product or industrial designer 

Sarah the Explorer

Meet Sarah the Explorer

Bio: Sarah is an enthusiastic reader. Since she was little, her mom would take her to their public library every weekend. She would spend hours picking out books from the long stacks and poring through them an an astonishing pace. From fiction to history to art and science, every subject is fascinating to Sarah–there’s so much to learn! Sarah’s not really sure what she wants to do when she grows up, since she’s good at a lot of things. She thinks she might like to be an author. She has started a bunch of stories, complete with her own illustrations, but nothing she wants to share yet with the rest of the world. In her room, Sarah keeps a journal secretly tucked away in the top shelf of her closet. (Don’t tell, ok?)

Her Skills: love of learning; appetite for adventure; an ability to perceive connections between different subjects

Her Tools: library card, journal, map of the world (with push-pins on the places she wants to visit)

Her Motto: “It’s exciting to know that there’s always something new to learn.”

Her Favorite Subject: reading

Potential Careers: author, playwright, journalist, teacher, illustrator, crafter

Combines with: Designer to become a set or costume designer

Combines with: Entrepreneur to become a publicist

Combines with: Scientist to become a technical writer

Combines with: Chef to become a food anthropologist